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Perfect Solutions is committed to ensuring that all of our candidates make a successful transition into the world of work. To put the right man with the right attitude at the right place has now become essential in today's globalized market.

As a candidate, what should you expect from your Placement Consultant ?

To safeguard your confidentiality, your consultant should

  • obtain your authorization before submitting information about you to the client organization.
  • not contact references provided by you without your permission.
  • advise the client about confidentiality and the need for the utmost discretion.

Clarity about the position and the company
In order to make the right decision, you need to know as much as possible about the position and the client organization. Be aware, however, that on many occasions the consultant may be under an obligation to share only limited information in your early contacts with him or her. Once you have been identified as a qualified candidate, and have expressed your interest in being an active candidate, the consultant will endeavour to give you as complete and accurate information as he or she can about the company and the position.

Prompt information
The completion of an executive search assignment may sometimes take several months, with many steps between initial contact and the ultimate hiring of the successful candidate. Once you become an active candidate, the consultant should communicate with you in a timely manner at each and every step of the process.

Based on his or her understanding of the position and the client's needs, the search consultant should give you an honest appraisal of where you seem to fit the opportunity and where you do not seem to fit.

Information about the process
As a candidate, you are entitled to know what to expect as the process unfolds. You should expect answers to questions such as:

  • How long will this take? (but be aware that timing is not always in the consultant’s control)
  • Who do I have to meet before a decision is made?
  • What time frame is the client working to?

Respect for your current responsibilities
When scheduling appointments and interviews, the search consultant should demonstrate the utmost respect for your time, your position and your responsibilities to your employer.

Respect for your decision
You need the time to make a measured, well-considered decision. The search consultant should not try to rush your decision or put undue pressure on you to accept an offer. However, the consultant should keep you informed of any deadlines imposed by the client and the implications of not making a decision prior to those deadlines.

Facilitating your decision
Should the client decide to offer the position to you the consultant will often act as an intermediary in the negotiation of the employment agreement. The search consultant’s role is to facilitate open and effective communication between the chosen candidate and the client.

The candidate / consultant relationship
The consultant’s primary responsibility is to serve his or her client’s interest. However the consultant should at all times act to try to ensure that there is no conflict between the candidate’s interest and the client’s interest. We undertake to recognize the importance of the decision the candidate may be asked to make, and to respect his or her interests.

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